The Team

Claire Roudot

Biotech Business Development Manager

Audrey Montersino

Development Manager

Benjamin François

Drug development engineer

The Missions

The Biotech team at ICM is dedicated to boosting the development of new therapies in the field of Neurology and Psychiatry.

Its goal is to design, set up and sustain ambitious and long-term alliances with both academic and industry partners so that the transfer from bench to bedside can be as efficient as possible.

Its mission starts with early detection of research results that could lead to applications, such as new targets, unexpected effects of drug compounds… After having guaranteed sufficient protection with patent applications, financial support is provided for proof of concept studies using Carnot Maturation and NeuroCatalyst funds, and industry partners identified to jointly develop assets. Innovative projects and repositioning of molecules are both valued.

The Services

The Biotech department offers a large range of services

  • Preclinical drug evaluation on a fee for service basis thanks to our wide range of vitro/vivo models and to our technological platforms
  • Joint research agreements
  • Co-development programs / Licensing…

"Sleeping beauties": early venture program

The team collaborates with various medicinal chemistry departments in Europe to identify molecules of interest for treating neurological and psychiatric diseases. We have systematically organized a validation and derisking process for these compounds, capitalizing on the many disease models available at ICM:

  • In vitro: genetically engineered cell line, patient- derived cell lines, minibrain, IPSc, fresh human cortex…
  • In vivo: rodents, zebra fish, C.elegans, NHP…

When reaching the clinical stage, projects are transferred to NeuroTrials, our internal CRO for early phases.

Matching the best of public academic research while having the organization and administration of a private research institute helps accelerating the R&D process and turning discoveries into practical solutions for clinical use.


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