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The Brain & Spine Institute (ICM) – is an international brain and spinal cord research center whose innovative concept and structure make it the only institute of its kind in the world. Founded in 2005 ICM is a strong link between basic research and the clinical world. The Institute consists of over 700 researchers and clinicians, 17 cutting-edge technological platforms and 1000m² office space intended for incubation of startups. The objective is to produce ambitious research by combining scientific creativity and therapeutic purpose. Its innovative model brings together in one place patients, physicians and researchers with a cross-cutting approach to research that fosters collaborations and accelerates new medical discoveries. The partnerships between public and private sectors at ICM enable discoveries to be quickly translated into therapeutic solutions for the patient, while decreasing the academic constraints often present in research.

Services for industrial partners

France is a land of opportunities for the development of your R&D projects. Our team will help you navigate in the ever-growing sources of funding, identify key business partners, boost the development of your projects with researchers, engineers and clinicians from the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, organize specific matchmaking opportunities to create innovative collaborations for your industry... and more.

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A vivid pipeline of technology assets

Moving an idea out of the laboratory to make it usable in industry settings is sometimes a tough venture. To energize this process, we offer funding opportunities to bright research teams to help them de-risk their ideas and generate sound proof-of-principles and proof-of-concepts.

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