Fast clinical proofs-of-concept 

ICM funds projects dedicated to fast clinical proofs-of-concept for innovative medical technologies or drugs repositioning/combos, through its NEUROCATALYST program.

NEUROCATALYST awards up to 150 000 Euros per project after a go/no go phase to validate feasibility, and provides a dedicated project manager to develop the study. 

The projects are expected to generate strong intellectual property, and/or to demonstrate a medico-economical utility. They should have the scientific quality and capacity to address an unmet medical need. They also should be anticipated feasible from a technological, methodological and regulatory point of view. 

Since its launch in 2017, NeuroCatalyst has selected 6 clinical projects currently undergoing patient recruitment, prototyping, or feasibility assessment:

  • MEMOWAVE : Phase II trial to assess the tolerance and efficacy of a non-invasive device coupling EEG recording to sensory stimulations, aimed at modulating cerebral slow waves during sleep in order to improve mnesic consolidation in patients with mild cognitive impairments.
  • NEUROENVIROTECH A new technological environment for the electrophysiological evaluation of consciousness and cognitive function of Neuro-ICU patients.
  • HLH et TACS : Transcranial stimulation  by alternative electric current (tACS) in patients suffering from homonymous lateral hemianopsy at a chronic phase. 
  • Treatment of Gliomas by a new drug combo.
  • BRAiN’US 2.0: a computational tool in neuropsychology.
  • No2 Fatigue: A neural decoder of mental fatigue.