Carnot Network

Carnot Maturation

The ICM has, among its missions, the duty to develop a portfolio of patents and to reinforce their value.

ICM offers its research teams the possibility to benefit from the "Carnot Maturation" funds, in order to reinforce the claims of the patents' applications or to validate an assumption, which could lead to a patent application.

Financial modalities

The Carnot Maturation funds allow to finance for recruitments and purchase of consumables or small equipment.

Average budget

  • 20-30 k€ when the patent's application is already filed,
  • 10-15 k€ for the development of a project before an application.
  • Clinical projects can exceptionally receive a funding superior to 30K€.
  • Projects will be funded for a period of one year (maximum).

Over 60 projects have been funded so far. There are 3-4 call for projects, launched each year.