The Team

Romain Gombert

Living Lab Manager

Pierre Tissier

Fab Lab Manager

The Missions

The Medtech team at ICM is dedicated to the development of Medical Technology innovations in Neurology and Psychiatry, through its three components: a clinical living lab, a FabLab and through open innovation events.  

The team supports all innovation process assuring that MedTech products are finally ready for business or/and clinical trial, with strong usability proof coming from patients/caregivers engagement in the development process.

Its goal is to design, set up and sustain ambitious and long-term alliances so that the transfer from bench to bedside can be as efficient as possible.

Matching the best of public academic research while having the organization and administration of a private research institute helps accelerating the R&D process and turning discoveries into practical solutions for clinical use. 

The Services

The “cLLAPS” LivingLab brings interdisciplinary skills into the co-creation space, to test and develop new technologies through agile and open-innovation processes. Itaims at creating practical, handy and well-accepted new technical aids in Neurology and in Psychiatry. Its activities benefit from the high level of expertise of surrounding research teams.

The interaction between the Living Lab, the Clinical Investigation Center and the iPEPS incubator is ideal for the development of innovative medical devices. 

The “Atelier” FabLab offers a technical expertise on innovative potentials.With experienced engineers in electronics, mechanics and control, and with cutting edge machinery such as Laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC milling machine, it supports the LivingLab and ICM research teams to develop prototypes to become real products.

The MedTech team also actively organizes open-innovation events for the community:

  • Learning expedition: A way to discover our innovation ecosystem by meeting with local start-ups, medical innovation specialists… not forgetting a visit of the Fablab and the livinglab.
  • Focus Group: A 1-day dive into patient-centered innovation, through collaborative work on a concrete care topic involving patients, engineers and caregivers
  • Matching DaysA tailored R&D match-making event between industry executives, ICM’s researchers, engineers and start-ups to identify out-of-the-box ideas and establish technology development collaborations. 
  • Creativity Workshop: A 1-day session of design-thinking to find innovative potential of a product/technology, aggregating insights from end-users and medical professionals.
  • Making Days: 1 week of Hackathon whereinterdisciplinary participants from the ecosystem develop and prototype concepts with end-users.

The Missions

The ICM hosts 17 state-of-the-art technological platforms, serving the in-house research teams, but also external projects though collaborations.

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